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Sit and sip at Plough & Stars
Darry Madden, Boston NOW Correspondent

The only right thing to do at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge is have whiskey, straight up. Maybe with a splash of water (don't blame me if you get scolded for asking, though. I'm not a purist).

You see, the whiskey they serve was born there 30 years ago, when an Irish entreprenuer named John Teeling was a student at Harvard. The decline of the Irish whiskey industry left young John with only one life's mission: bring on the revival.

So while Cooley Distillery whiskey's are made in Ireland, the Plough & Stars is the company's American ambassador. They serve three Irish single malts that bartender Dave Coakley (who is from County Cork) declares in a thick brogue to be fine sipping whiskeys.

Boston's Irish pubs should get extra credit. There are many, many dark and cozy corners to find yourself in, and the Plough & Stars owns several of them. There is a commendable burger to be had there, as
well. Dark corner + good burger + golden whiskey = perfect rainy spring evening.

Tasting notes:
Kilbeggan Single Malt Irish Whiskey
• Abundant lushness
• Gathering honey notes

Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey
• Full & fruity with a citrus-spiciness
• Tang of orange & lemons
• Oily sweetness

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey
• Peated barley flavors
• Grassy
• Oak & almonds

The Plough & Stars
912 Massachusetts Ave.
Published on April 3, 2008

150 Best Beer Bars, The Draft Magazine


Cambridge, Massachusetts

It’s been in the neighborhood for 40 years, but the scene at The Plough & Stars is anything but stale. This relatively small, narrow venue (it’s Boston, after all) takes advantage of every square foot by packing in a discriminating beer selection, including 14 taps and 10 well-selected bottles, delicious food like Red Stripe-brined jerk wings and live music just about every night of the week. While any time’s a fine time to visit this hipster hangout, we’re particularly fond of the Sunday night chicken and fish fry, especially while sipping on a pint of local Harpoon I.P.A. f m

912 Massachusetts Ave.,



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